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Courses in the UK


We offer the best schools of English in the UK, with high-quality, professional courses. Our schools are very prestigious in the teaching sector and have been accredited by the British Council, with a score of 6 to 9 points of excellence as a guarantee of education quality.

We advise you to make the best choice to suit your current teaching needs and make all the arrangements for you. You just need to book your flight!

All the Teacher Development Courses are Comenius/Grundtvig available.

Aimed at:

–          Teachers who want to obtain an official qualification

–          Teachers with no previous experience

–          Experienced teachers who want to boost their English proficiency

–          Experienced teachers who want to keep up to date with developments in ELT




  • CambridgeESOL Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults – CELTA
  • CambridgeESOL Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults – DELTA




  • Language and teaching skills
  • Language Improvement for Teachers
  • Language and Methodology Refresher (Secondary/Adults)
  • Language and Methodology Refresher (Young Learners)
  • Creativity in the Classroom
  •  Using technology
  • An Introduction to Using New Technology in the Classroom
  • Blended Learning: Combining Online and Face-to-Face Teaching
  • Culture and language trends
  • Bringing British Culture to Life
  • Contemporary English
  • From Hamlet to Harry Potter – Using Literature in the Classroom
  • ELT specialisms
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • Teaching Business English (BE)
  • Teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
  • Teacher training and Management
  • Becoming a Teacher Trainer
  • From English Language Teacher to Academic Manager
  • Managing People and Quality in Education



  • Primary Teacher Refresher Course in Practical, Creative Methodology
  • Secondary Teacher Refresher Course in Practical, Creative Methodology
  • Learning Curves: Making Use of New Technologies in English Language Teaching
  • English as a Tool for Teaching in Adult Education



  • Creative Methodology
  • Creative Methodology and Language Skills
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Development and Language Skills


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